Easily Plan Trips, Get Tickets and Shop Together With Friends In Real-Time! 

Easily chat with a friend about items you find on any website instead of texting links

Zurf lets you share your screen with friends and family while you book a hotel or a flight for your next vacations.

Shopping together collaboratively is so much more fun & more efficient!

How does it work?

Zurf is the new exciting app that lets you share your mobile device's screen and talk with friends and family to book trips, find tickets and shop together at the same time! Zurf is secure since it only shares the booking site and nothing else from your device and hides all sensitive information such as credit card info on all pages.

Just try the free Zurf app and you will be hooked and will wanna share it with all your friends! Why send countless links or try to explain over the phone when you can simply Zurf?

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